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Weed, The Menai Massacre

Of Tacitus’ descriptions of the Roman Conquest of Britain, the Menai Massacre at Anglesey in 60AD is the most arresting. Weed sees in his vision, the clamour of the Celtic horde, their women and priests as they launched themselves against 7,000 Roman Soldiers. What a battle that must have been!

Two whole Roman legions were deployed at Anglesey, a strangely large number to send to so distant an outlying island. Yet those Britons who fought were not simple rebels spoiling for a fight. Tacitus writes how Anglesey, or Ynys Môn, was the heartland of a Druidic religion that had ordered and commanded the Britons since the Stone Age. During the decisive massacre at Menai, Roman Generals brutally exterminated the Druids and their ardent defenders. They ensured that none survived the cultural genocide of a priesthood that gave the British Isles their distinctive culture and unique theology of sun worship, sacrifice and augury.


Poor Ruth, hardly used. She is a child warrior who has lived a dozen good lives and seen a deal of ill fortune. And yet she is a strong and cheerful soul; a battler who will not be moved. She is a student of Malina’s witchery and an apprentice of Weed’s own plant lore. As such she becomes a vessel for all hidden knowledge of the natural world. She lives on.