Plants grown for Potions: Verbena


In ancient times, remedies prepared with Verbena were used to cure snakebite and diarrhea.

This herb served as a love potion for medieval witches and a substance to cure people from the influence of the ominous spell cast by these witches. Verbena was also the herb, which was used to stop the bleeding from Jesus Christ’s wounds on Calvary.

There are a wide variety of uses for Verbena, it is used for love, protection, purification, peace, money, youth, chastity, sleep and healing. It is a common ingredient in love potions and protective spells, and any part of the plant can be carried as a personal amulet. 


Verbena can be used to drive off evil spirits and malignant forces when sprinkled around the home, and the dried herb can also be used in incenses used for exorcisms. It can be used in purification sachets and baths.

The dried herb scattered around the home brings peace and calms the emotions. The herb is sometimes buried in the garden or put in the house to bring about wealth. Alongside Rosemary and Rowan, it has a protective influence. The herb can be used to bring a dreamless sleep.

The juice of the plant smeared on the skin will bring the gifts of prophecy and wish fulfillment, will turn enemies into friends, attract lovers and bring protection against all enchantments.